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  • Sakka Podu Podu Raja
    Sakka Podu P...
    Sakka Podu Podu Raja 2017
    Santa helps a gangster Bhavani's sister elope with her lover enraging him and unknowingly falls in love with Bhavani's younger sister.

  • The Beaches of Agnès
    The Beaches ...
    The Beaches of Agnès 2008
    Filmmaking icon Agnès Varda, the award-winning director regarded by many as the grandmother of the French new wave, turns the camera on herself with this unique autobiographical documentary. Composed of film excerpts and elaborate dramatic re-creations, Varda's self-portrait recounts the highs and lows of her professional career, the many friendships that affected her life and her longtime marriage to cinematic giant Jacques Demy.

  • The Lovers
    The Lovers
    The Lovers 1958
    A shallow, provincial wife finds her relationship with her preoccupied husband strained by romantic notions of love, leading her further towards Paris and the country wilderness.

  • The Winter War
    The Winter W...
    The Winter War 1989
    Russia attacked Finland in late November 1939. This film tells the story of a Finnish platoon of reservists from the municipality of Kauhava in the province of Pohjanmaa/Ostrobothnia who leave their homes and go to war. The film focuses on the farmer brothers Martti and Paavo Hakala.

  • The Battleship Island
    The Battlesh...
    The Battleship Island 2017
    During the Japanese colonial era, roughly 400 Korean people, who were forced onto Battleship Island (‘Hashima Island’) to mine for coal, attempt to escape.

  • Break Night
    Break Night
    Break Night 2017
    A lifetime hood has one night to repay a debt to an up and coming shot caller before he can leave town, all the while trying to duck a crooked P.O., a former partner with a grudge and a burned out Narc Cop, as well as do his best to win back the woman he left behind, who has spent her last few years paying a hard price for his mistakes.

  • Chasing Great
    Chasing Grea...
    Chasing Great 2016
    Chasing Great is an insightful portrayal that weaves Richie McCaw's life story into his final season as an All Black, revealing the determination and mental toughness of an international sporting legend who still sees himself as an 'ordinary guy' from small town New Zealand.

  • Lapland Odyssey 3
    Lapland Odys...
    Lapland Odyssey 3 2017
    In the third instalment of the franchise, Janne embarks on an epic hike, a journey of self-discovery. His dreams of a tranquil retreat into nature are quickly shattered however, when Räihänen and Kämäräinen both decide to come along for the trip. Meanwhile Janne’s spouse Inari gets the chance to go back to work, but only if she can prove she’s “management material” and a real leader. Inari enters the Swamp Soccer tournament, where to her horror she finds out her ex Little Mikko is also competing.

  • Suck It Up
    Suck It Up
    Suck It Up 2017
    Ronnie lost her brother, Faye lost her first love. These two best friends take off on a debaucherous road trip to the mountains to get over the death of the guy they both loved.

  • Same Kind of Different as Me
    Same Kind of...
    Same Kind of Different as Me 2017
    International art dealer Ron Hall must befriend a dangerous homeless man in order to save his struggling marriage to his wife, a woman whose dreams will lead all three of them on the journey of their lives.

  • Kenny
    Kenny 2017
    An intimate and revealing portrait of Kenny Dalglish - the player, the man, the truth.

  • Family of Lies
    Family of Li...
    Family of Lies 2017
    After their parents were killed in a mysterious car accident, Emily and her younger siblings moved to a small Louisiana town. Soon strange things start to happen, giving the siblings the feeling that they're being watched.

  • Return to Montauk
    Return to Mo...
    Return to Montauk 2017
    During a book tour in the United States, Max meets and falls in love with a young woman. Many years later, Max returns to the United States, hoping to reunite with his young lover.

  • Fragment of Fear
    Fragment of ...
    Fragment of Fear 1970
    A reformed drug addict travels to Italy to find out who murdered his aunt.

  • Charlie
    Charlie 2015
    A young, nonconforming woman named Tessa gets entangled in a cat-and-mouse chase in the by-lanes of Kerala, hunting for a mysterious artist who previously lived in her apartment.

  • Shorebreak, The Clark Little Story
    Shorebreak, ...
    Shorebreak, The Clark Little Story 2016
    The Clark Little Story is a genre defining action/adventure nature documentary film highlighting a whole new generation of action wave photography. Dive into the life of renowned water photographer, Clark Little, as he takes on the world’s most dangerous shorebreak around the island of Oahu. When he’s not in the water, Clark shares the insider tips and techniques that have taken his photos from his living room wall to inside the Smithsonian. Filmed and edited by surf personality, Peter King, Shorebreak is one hour of non-stop action that will have you inspired and prepared to start capturing your own shorebreak moments.

  • 5-Headed Shark Attack
    5-Headed Sha...
    5-Headed Shark Attack 2017
    A beautiful island is home to thousands of species of aquatic life. Now there is a new species: the 5-Headed Shark is all heads and teeth. Shaped like a demented starfish, this monster terrorizes the open ocean before invading the beaches of Puerto Rico, endangering the once peaceful island paradise.

  • Boy Missing
    Boy Missing
    Boy Missing 2016
    Víctor is a child who is found casually roaming by a country road. His mother, Patricia, a well-known lawyer specialist in media trails, realizes about it and she goes to the hospital, where explains to the police that Víctor is deaf, and he's unable to talk, speaking using sign language. In the police headquarter Víctor explains that he was kidnapped by a strange man when we was entering to the school. The police identifies a possible suspect named Charlie, a man with money troubles and an 8-months pregnant wife who can't explain where he was when Víctor was kidnapped from the school. Seeing the inability of the police to arrest Charlie after some failed attempts to meet Víctor, Patricia contacts Raúl, Patricia's former love interest and Víctor's father, to ask him that he or a friends of him threat seriously Charlie. But when is discovered that Víctor made a false identification, Patricia tries to stop Raúl, starting a chain of events which consequences will be out of control...

  • Chasing Trane
    Chasing Tran...
    Chasing Trane 2017
    The film explores the global power and impact of the music of John Coltrane and reveals the passions, experiences and forces that shaped his life and revolutionary sounds.

  • Mark Felt The Man Who Brought Down the White House
    Mark Felt Th...
    Mark Felt The Man Who Brought Down the White House 2017
    The story of Mark Felt, who under the name "Deep Throat" helped journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the Watergate scandal in 1974.

  • Bright
    Bright 2017
    In an alternate present-day where magical creatures live among us, two L.A. cops become embroiled in a prophesied turf battle.

  • Heartbeats
    Heartbeats 2017
    When a bubbly American hip hop dancer goes to India with her family for a wedding, she is impressed by a new dance style and falls in love with the man who introduced her to it.

  • Rebel in the Rye
    Rebel in the...
    Rebel in the Rye 2017
    The life of celebrated but reclusive author, J.D. Salinger, who gained worldwide fame with the publication of his novel, The Catcher in the Rye.

  • Indrajith
    Indrajith 2017
    An adventurous youngster sets out in search of a precious stone, somewhere in the forests of north east, accompanied by an archaeological survey team

  • Stone Cold Dead
    Stone Cold D...
    Stone Cold Dead 1979
    Sergeant Boyd's police search to find a sniper who has been shooting hookers.